Kerry Collins’ Favorite TV/MOVIE Dads of ALL TIME


Dad’s like Ozzie Nelson, Ward Cleaver & Cliff Huxtable are boring, lame and not entertaining.  On the coat tails of 96.5TIC’s post of “Top Ten Bad TV Dads”, I thought I’d share my favorite TV/Movie Dads!

Al Bundy could be the most lovable loser ever!  He was a pig, a sexist, rude, crude professional shoe salesman who’s high point of his life was 4 touchdowns in one high school football game.  His wife was lazy & trashy, his daughter had THE reputation in school no parent wants their kid to have and his son was…well…maybe more of a loser than he was.  But underneath it all, Al loved his family and when he showed it on very rare occaisions, he came through BIG TIME!  Damn! I miss “Married With Children!”

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