Top 10 Bad TV Dads

9. Mr. Andropolis (Freaks and Geeks)

It’s a telling sign when a show hasn’t been on the air for a decade and you still remember it.  Freaks and Geeks is one such show, and the same rules apply to Nick’s dad, Mr. Andropolis.  A military man, Mr. A. (you probably shouldn’t call him that) is constantly looking at his son with disappointment.  Even Nick’s personal accomplishments, like building his “ultimate” drum kit, are met with disapproval– his dad sells the drum set and then refuses to even give Nick the money from the sale.  This hard bad dad really brings it home when Nick tells him in earnest how his dream is to be a rock ‘n roll drummer.  His dad’s response? “Well I wanted to be an astronaut, but you don’t see any moon rocks do you?”


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