Top 10 Bad TV Dads

1. Anthony Cooper (LOST)

800px 3x13lockeconfrontscooper Top 10 Bad TV Dads

credit: ABC

We’re calling the ultimate bad dad on TV to Anthony Cooper, the father of John Locke on LOST.  After putting Locke to adoption as an infant, Cooper resurfaces in the life of his miserable son when he needs a replacement kidney from him.  Feeding on Locke’s desire for a father like a vampire, Cooper– who as it turns out is an expert con-man– tricks Locke into giving up one of his kidneys before again disappearing entirely from his son’s life.  If only he’d stayed gone, because the next time Locke finds his dad, it ends with Cooper throwing his own son out of a 10-story window, paralyzing him from the waist down!  Anthony Cooper takes the crown as ultimate bad dad on TV because not only is he this heartless to his own son, he’s just as bad to everyone else… in fact Locke isn’t the only LOST survivor whose life Cooper destroyed… Sawyer’s parents both died after an encounter with the baddest of dads!!

That’s our pics for the top Bad Dads on TV… do you agree with our bad dads?  Did we miss anyone you wanted to see on the list?? Let us know in the comments below!


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