Live On Letterman: Jennifer Hudson’s Top 10 Weight Loss Quotes

9 jennifer hudson ethan miller getty images Live On Letterman: Jennifer Hudsons Top 10 Weight Loss Quotes

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[pullquote quote=”There’s an unconscious prejudice against the fuller-figured woman.”] There’s an unconscious prejudice against the fuller-figured woman. You would never understand exactly what I meant unless you got to live in both positions. I didn’t know before. I thought things were great but you can’t miss what you never had.’The only time I really noticed it was when designers would dress me. All they wanted to do was cover me up. They would want to hide every bit of flesh.

 I’m a different person. I don’t recognize old pictures of myself. I found an old passport and couldn’t believe it was me. Or when I read old interviews I did, I don’t recognize myself.

[Source: Thin Inspirations]

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