Live On Letterman: Top 10 Empowering Jennifer Hudson Songs

1. “I’m Here” from the Color Purple  soundtrack

1 jennifer hudson larry bussaca getty images Live On Letterman: Top 10 Empowering Jennifer Hudson Songs

Singing for Oprah and Paul McCartney seems petrifying, but Jennifer Hudson does a great job singing this empowering song from the Color Purple. She shows them she’s “beautiful and she’s here.”

I’m gonna take a deep breath/I’m gonna hold my head up/Gonna put my shoulders back/and look you straight in the eye/I’m gonna flirt with somebody as they walk by/I’m gonna sing out/sing out

We hear you, girl.

Don’t forget to come back right here to watch Jennifer Hudson Live on Letterman presented by AT&T-Rethink Possible on June 13th at 9 PM.

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