Top 10 Songs For Memorial Day In Honor Of Our Fallen Soldiers

7. “Soldier”- Neil Young

Neil Young’s simple, sweet folk song sounds like a prayer for a the beautiful soul of a soldier:

Soldier, your eyes/they shine like the sun/I wonder why/Soldier, your eyes/shine like the sun/I wonder why.

6. “Heaven Was Needing A Hero”- Jo Dee Messina

Jo Dee Messina’s tear-jerking pop song about losing someone and how heaven needed another hero proves that just because something is pop sounding, doesn’t make it superficial:

I guess heaven was needing a hero/Somebody just like you/Brave enough to stand up/For what you believe/And follow it through/When I try to make it make sense in my mind/The only conclusion I come to/Is heaven was needing a hero/Like you

5. “Fallen Soldier”- Beverly Knight

A beautiful R&B song, Beverly Knight’s song talks about how she may not have known some of our fallen soldiers, but how, in dying, the belong to her–and all of us:

You are my fallen soldier/One of our many martyrs/I would have loved to know you/Still you’re my fallen soldier

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