Top 10 Songs For Memorial Day In Honor Of Our Fallen Soldiers

The last weekend in May, Memorial Day, is not just a day to celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer barbecues and pool parties, but it’s a special day to commemorate the heroic deeds of all our U.S. Military soldiers who died in service.

We’ve made a list of our Top 10 Songs That Honor Our Fallen Soldiers for this Memorial Day to help us remember all of those who have given their lives to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

10. “The Soldier Song”- Babyface

Babyface’s song tells a story about an 18-year-old man who goes to war and loses his life too young:

In another day or so/He’s be one year older/God bless his soul/Barely 18 years old/When he became a soldier/God bless/his soul/It’s not like he didn’t know/The way all he had to cope/But he never made it home

9. “Last Soldier”- Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam’s touching song tells a story about a young married man going into service and how–no matter what happens–the soldier will be thinking of his wife’s face and their child together:

Look me in the eye/No matter what’s in front of me/It’s your face that I’ll see/And the future of our young one/And this is what fuels me/There’s no time for laughing/There’s no time to cry/Soon I will be leaving/Look me in the eye

8. “When You Are A Soldier”- Steven Curtis Chapman

Unless you have served yourself, it’s hard to know what goes on while you are a soldier. Steven Curtis Chapman says he identifies with and supports all of our brave men and women:

When you are a soldier I will be your shield/I will go with you into the battlefield/And when the arrows start to fly/Take my hand and hold on tight/I will be your shield, ’cause I know how it feels/When you are a soldier


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