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Mindful Monday: 5 Inspiring Songs & Quotes To Get You Through The Week (page 4)

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Thursday, May 19th: “Shake Them Haters Off”-[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Kelly Rowland[/lastfm]

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“Peace, Love, Hope and Confidence are the ingredients to good body image”. ~Dr Vivian Mehan

Haters are a fact of life. You can live in an unrealistic fantasy world where everyone says nice things to you all the time or you can come to the realization that there will always be mean, snarky gossips ridiculing and judging the things you do.

Once you admit that to yourself, you can see those haters for what they truly are: people who are just as insecure as everyone else. View them with detached compassion and don’t fall into their well of pity and self-hatred like they want you to. Wake up in the morning, shake the haters off, and be strong.

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