Wedding Bloopers for The Royal Bride & Groom To Be

111975999 Wedding Bloopers for The Royal Bride & Groom To Be

"Can you believe they're trying to jinx us?!?" Adrian Dennis/Getty Images

The Royal Wedding is tomorrow, and while all the proper preparations are being made to assure everything goes according to plan, the unpredictable can always happen.

We don’t mean to put a scare into Prince William and Kate Middleton, but stranger things have happened. The Royal bloodhounds could have too much to drink and use the Abbey as their back yard.

Hell, Prince Harry could have too much to drink!

To the Royal husband and wife to be, we merely present our Top 10 Wedding Bloopers as a warning to make any extra needed preparations.

And to have a good laugh. Laughter is the key to a long lasting marriage. Trust us, we’re experts on the matter.

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