Foo Fighters Live On Letterman Vs. The Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show

foo lol Foo Fighters Live On Letterman Vs. The Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show

John Paul Filo/ CBS Photo

If [lastfm]Foo Fighters[/lastfm] Live on Letterman performance from the Ed Sullivan Theater seemed a little familiar to you, you’re not alone. From the black and white broadcast, to the band’s suits, to the set, and even the font on Taylor’s drum, the Foos set out to pay tribute to [lastfm]The Beatles[/lastfm] legendary performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Dave Grohl and the guys even tried to stand in place and move like the Fab Four.

In case you missed the Foos’ webcast — and/or, more likely, the Beatles’ broadcast — we’ve got videos of both for you to compare.

Here are The Beatles performing “Saw Her Standing There” on the Ed Sullivan Show:

Now watch as Foo Fighters pay homage to that historic performance (fortunately, Dave didn’t try to do Paul’s entirely too adorable Bambi eyes):


Pretty impressive, right? Well, if you think that video shows good attention detail, check out this post on Dave’s nod to Paul’s shoes. Yeah, they got that specific.

Also, you can check out Foo Fighters’ special Beatle-fied performance of every track off their new album Wasting Light and their greatest hits from their epic Live on Letterman performance.


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