Tabloid Trash: Katy Perry Might Be Cheating On Russell Brand!

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Katy Perry and actor Russell Brand

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Sources close to Katy Perry are saying that she is CHEATING on her new hubby Russell Brand with a member of her creative team!! Our money was on Russell being the cheater! Listen to hear today’s Tabloid Trash for the scoop!

Claims are abound that Katy has another man.

After only having been married for several months and now being apart from each other due to Katy’s touring schedule, the rumor mill couldn’t wait to start churning about possible infidelity on the part of either of these two lunatics. Katy is known to be a free spirit but no one really expected the PK (Preacher’s Kid) to be the one to break her vows. Everyone expected Russell and his “Charlie Manson” eyes to do the wandering.

But it is indeed Katy who may be doing the cheating. We’re hearing that she has developed a very close “relationship” with one of her producers, Benny Blanco, and that witnesses have even seen them KISSING!

Seriously, we’re not making this up >

Of course they both may be running around and Katy just happened to get caught. OR – it could all be just a rumor! We’ll have to wait for the steamy make out photos to hit the web (if there are any)!

Jim and Kim discuss the latest news on Russell and Katy in today’s Tabloid Trash!


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