Star Power: Weekly Astrological Advice For You & Your Favorite Divas

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

mary j blige pascal le segretain getty images1 Star Power: Weekly Astrological Advice For You & Your Favorite Divas

Creative Capricon-Mary J. Blige: Photo by Pascal Le Segretain//Getty Imagse

One of Capricorn’s strict operation modes is that of the Domestic Goddess. No one is happier than the Capricorn in her calm domicile.

But are you hiding yourself away because you enjoy it or because you feel lonely and don’t want to get too emotionally involved with those around you?

If it’s out of loneliness, try inviting some of your friends over to your pretty palace. Host a cocktail party or watch television shows together. Let people know that you need them right now, especially your family, who needs to know that you need them.

Don’t be afraid of showing weakness. Sometimes showing weakness is a sign of strength because you aren’t afraid to give people an intimate glimpse into your life.

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