Top Ten Potential Dates For Recently Single Cutie Justin Timberlake (page 10)

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1. Emma Stone

2 emma stone pascal le segretaingetty images Top Ten Potential Dates For Recently Single Cutie Justin Timberlake

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Why did we choose up-and-coming comedic actress of Zombieland and Easy A fame as the number one suitor for Justin Timberlake? First things first, she’s gorgeous in a quirky way and talented.

While Jessica Biel was both these things, Stone is also hilarious and would be a good change of pace from Biel’s monotone personality. Stone seems like she would make a good best friend and partner-in-crime for any man: relaxed, “normal,” and a little edgy.

Also, she’s funny without exuding the air of crazy, which is one of the commonplace detriments of hot, funny women.

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