Sheen Is Absolutely Insane!

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Charlie Sheen is absolutely insane as demonstrated in episode 3 of Sheen’s Corner.  So he’s on the phone with some guy named Bob.  One of his cronies.. one of his idiot cronies along for the ride, who doesn’t have the balls to tell Charlie that he’s certifiable and that he’s about to fly off the cliff.

These celebs surround themselves with YES men, who just go along with any moronic scenerio, who don’t REALLY give a shit about the person that’s dishing out the cash employing them, because if they did, they would speak up and/or detach themselves from the situation. Either Charlie’s going to implode or…he’s fucking brilliant and this is all just an act.  The latest word is, that he has what’s called a “Michael J Fox” clause in his contract that spells out he keeps getting paid as long as the show is on the air, regardless of he’s on it or not!  But CBS is going to claim let let him go for “cause” which makes all the clauses in the contract null and void.  We’ll see about that.

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