Trends: Yeezy Brings “E.T.” Home

k perry Trends: Yeezy Brings E.T. Home

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Katy Perry, one of pop’s hottest properties, is hoping to put her GRAMMY disappointment behind her with a brand new single, and she’s brought Kanye along for a little help. Trends looks at what we can expect “E.T.” to do now.

When “Firework” was released back in October as a single the track was coming out of a slump; initially popular on Teenage Dream‘s release it declined as the buzz around the record’s release died away. But it was one of the best received critically, reportedly echoing Perry’s own opinion of the track.

screen shot 2011 02 17 at 12 42 35 Trends: Yeezy Brings E.T. HomeWhen it did drop as single, accompanied by a suitably epic video, “Firework” shot up her charts, going from around 15,000 listeners a week to over 30,000. It tops her track charts at this week, with 34,094 listeners in the last seven days.

screen shot 2011 02 17 at 12 47 48 Trends: Yeezy Brings E.T. HomeToday “E.T.” is in almost exactly the same position “Firework” was back in October. Slumping to around 8-9,000 listeners a week it needs a boost to get back into the spotlight.

Kanye could be the man to bring it. For the last few weeks he’s been amongst the ten most-played artists on, something Perry hasn’t managed for a while, and he’s got the crossover appeal to bring “E.T.” back into playlists it otherwise wouldn’t reach. Check the track out over on 92.3 Now.

That’s what Perry will be counting on anyway. Find out how it does over the coming weeks with Trends.


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