Trends: Has Christina Aguilera Made A Welcome Return?

aguilera Trends: Has Christina Aguilera Made A Welcome Return?

Christina Aguilera has been off the stage for a little while, but finally made her live return this weekend in Vegas. More has been made of Aguilera’s private life than her singing of late, and with Thanksgiving movie release Burlesque it seems like music might be taking a back seat.

We’ve got the Trends team to see if listeners are still excited about Xtina’s latest tracks…

xtina13june2 Trends: Has Christina Aguilera Made A Welcome Return?

In the week of Bionic‘s release it completely dominates her top ten: every single track is from the new album. “Not Myself Tonight”, her lead single, has the strongest showing – but how about four months on?

xtina24oct Trends: Has Christina Aguilera Made A Welcome Return?

Bionic now has only three spots in the week’s chart, but “Not Myself Tonight” is still way ahead. Old favorites like “Genie in a Bottle” and “Hurt” take their place, the latter her most popular track overall with 1,754,935 scrobbles from 297,435 listeners.

“Not Myself Tonight” may soon reach the top however, as it’s gained 1,665,803 scrobbles in only five months, compared to four years. It looks like Aguilera’s fans are still convinced that she keeps gettin’ better.

Head over to now to ensure your favorite tracks count. Meanwhile keep up to date with the latest news every weekday with Trends.


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