Trends: P!nk’s Greatest Hits Stack Up

pnk Trends: P!nks Greatest Hits Stack Up

P!nk has announced a Greatest Hits… So Far set ahead of the holiday season, and it’s a thumping playlist. Trends run down the top five to find out what’s really leading her charts.

P!nk’s new single “Raise Your Glass” sounds like the perfect track to kiss off a decade in pop, and as the New Year season comes around it’s not going to leave your speakers. In the meantime it’s more established tracks that top her charts.

pnk 001 Trends: P!nks Greatest Hits Stack Up

“Don’t Leave Me” is the first to break the 1,000,000 scrobble mark, with 151,846 listeners returning to it time and again since it dropped in 2009, while “Who Knew” bubbles just shy of 2,000,000 scrobbles – the gold standard of pop hits at

In the lead… so far… it’s “So What”, the lead single from Funhouse and the track that signaled P!nk’s epic comeback. Despite 2,377,172 plays from 348,100 listeners it just keeps climbing, and will go even higher when the new package drops.

Discover more about P!nk’s top tracks on her page, and make sure you’re scrobbling the songs you love today with


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