Trends: Where Will John Mayer Fans Go Next?

johnmayer Trends: Where Will John Mayer Fans Go Next?

John Mayer delivered a hefty slap in the face to his three and a half million followers yesterday by quitting social network Twitter. It could well dent his popularity, with listeners forced to go elsewhere.

The Trends team took a look at who else his fans have been playing already, to see who the likely candidates might be.

5. Matt Wertz
2,510,738 plays (246,638 listeners)
Top Tracks:
“Everything’s Right,” “5:19,” “Carolina”

4. Jason Mraz
32,269,459 plays (1,125,698 listeners)
Top Tracks:
“I’m Yours,” “Make It Mine,” “You And I Both”

3. Jack Johnson
74,728,690 plays (1,547,790 listeners)
Top Tracks:
“Better Waiting,” “Banana Pancakes,” “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing”

2. David Ryan Harris
304,648 plays (52,177 listeners)
Top Tracks:
“Forevermore,” “Don’tlookdown,” “Do What You Want”

1. John Mayer Trio
1,993,419 plays (169,111 listeners)
Top Tracks:
“Gravity,” “Who Do You Think I Was,” “Vultures”

john mayer Trends: Where Will John Mayer Fans Go Next?
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