Lip Syncing At The 2010 MTV VMAs: Is Justin Bieber The Real Deal?

104035008 Lip Syncing At The 2010 MTV VMAs:  Is Justin Bieber The Real Deal?

There’s no denying [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] came to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards with the intention to impress.  Rolling up in a car, doing his costume change on stage and having a crew of backup dancers to back him up while he performed his hit single, “Baby.”  Justin Bieber might have picked up the awards for Best New Artist for the same song, but can you consider a alleged lip syncer an artist?

Immediately after his performance, the internet exploded with accusations that the teen dream didn’t even bother to sing his song during his performance.  Sure there was dancing and amazing performance overall, but does it even count if the singer opts to use a pre-recorded track of the song they’re supposed to sing?

Now the Canadian darling is dealing with being called “fake,” which is not the usual adoration and praise he’s used to.  At least it wasn’t as devastating as [lastfm]Ashlee Simpson[/lastfm]’s infamous “Saturday Night Live” performance where the pre-recorded track messed up and she ran off stage.  If we’ve learned anything from her, just stay calm, which is what it seemed Justin Bieber did.  However, his fans did not seem to be into it.  Especially, since he is known to perform live.

As Bieber fans, do you think that he should be ashamed that he did not sing live?  Take our poll and tell us what you think!


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