Sam Hatch’s New Video Release Tuesday

If you can’t make it out to tonight’s exclusive premiere screening of Iron Man 2, then perhaps you can stroll down to the local video store and check out some musicals and comedies!  Okay, so they’re not exactly action-packed, and nobody wears any mechanical super-suits, but you still might enjoy them…

Nine (starring Daniel Day Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman) – this musical adaptation of Federico Fellini’s beloved masterpiece 8 ½ was somehow nominated for a boatload of awards despite the fact that nobody really likes it.  Still, there aren’t many new musicals out there, so if you’re a fan of song-laden cinema you may want to check out this tale of Day Lewis’ beleaguered film director Guido and his troubled relations with the ladies.  Otherwise, stick with the original and quietly hum a tune to yourself while watching it.

Tooth Fairy (starring Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews) – okay, so this won’t be winning any awards next year, but if you’re looking for a cute comedy about a violent hockey player forced to undergo a stint as a real-life tooth fairy, this just may be the ticket.  Nothing smashingly original (or hilarious), but innocuous enough for the kids and Johnson is as charming as ever.

Leap Year (starring Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott) – critical darling Amy Adams steps away from her usual fare and into this run-of-the-mill romantic comedy.  She stars as a woman traveling to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend, but gets stuck with a grumpy innkeeper (Goode).  Guess what?  No, they don’t go on a kill-crazy rampage!  They go on wacky adventures and find that they kinda sorta fancy one another.

Hamlet (starring Patrick Stewart, David Tennant) – if you missed the recent airing of this Royal Shakespeare Company interpretation of the classic play on PBS’ Great Performances (or just can’t resist seeing Captain Picard speaking olde English), drop that crusty old skull and pick up this DVD instead.

Doctor Zhivago 45th Anniversary Edition (starring Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Rod Steiger) – David Lean’s 1965 classic about love set against a war-torn Russian backdrop returns to home video in remastered form.  Film buffs will love the copious extras, and it also comes with a CD of Maurice Jarre’s sweeping score.

The Dukes (starring Robert Davi, Chazz Palminteri, Miriam Margolyes) – a comic saga about a once-prosperous Doo Wop band trying to stay alive in 2007 via burglary and hijinks.  And yes, Robert Davi still looks like he could kill you with his eyes!

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School 30th Anniversary Special Edition (starring The Ramones, P.J. Soles) – the awesomely low budget high school fantasy about cool kids fighting square educators through the power of grimy punk rock returns!  Explosions, power chords and tons of extras.  One-two-three-GO!

Suburbia (starring Bill Coyne, Chris Pederson, Flea) – if you didn’t get enough punk action from Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, check out this early Penelope Spheeris (Wayne’s World) film about suburban punk runaways squatting in abandoned tract homes.

Tokyo Sonata (starring Teruyuki Kagawa, Kyoko Koizumi) a Japanese drama about an unemployed man hiding his jobless status from his family.  Like Falling Down, but without the rocket launchers and surplus store Nazis.

The Whitest Kids U’know – the complete uncensored third season of this insane IFC channel sketch comedy hits video and wants to bend your brain.

Happy video spinning, and if you’re one of those people stuck with an unwatchable copy of Avatar on Blu-ray, I swear I had nothing to do with it!  In either case, remember to stop by Culture Dogs Online for all sorts of cinema goodness!


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