Lifehouse – “First Time” and “Halfway Gone” at Acoustic Cafe

Watch Lifehouse play “First Time” and “Halfway Gone” at our exclusive Acoustic Cafe!


Brought to you by Miller Lite: “Great Taste, Less Filling!”

  • Gordon

    sweet! can we get some footage of Gone By Daylight too??

    • Brian Partridge

      I’m not sure we have any, but if anyone has the video we’d be happy to post it!

    • Gone By Daylight

      Hi Gordon, Someone had emailed us about this post, so we figured we would hit you up with some video. This was a show we played at the same club earlier in March that our video guy Melvin filmed and edited for us. We hope you like it.

  • Gwen Burgos

    I love lifehouse .. the voice is amazing .. wish i can see them ..closer ..will be at the Mullin in June.. love you guys big fan..

  • Alex

    You guys don’t have the full performance? Halfway Gone cuts out :(

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