Hollywood Couple Behaving Badly!

Mikey Evans has the dirt on a Hollywood couple behaving badly…  Also:

  • Tiger hired… a pimp?!
  • Twilight “love-nugget”
  • John Mayer dating Charlize Theron?
  • Avatar sequel
  • and more!

  • Kristina Bordieri

    I question Mikey Evans report this morning that Jason Alexander is terrified of heights…..years ago when the 49ers were in the SuperBowl (I know, a long time ago), Jason Alexander opened the SuperBowl with a Doritos ad where he parachuted into the Stadium live to kick off the game. This stands out in my mind because he clearly shouted “Go 9ers!” and the TV Station tried to bleep that out – it made me laugh and so I haven’t forgotten it. I just wonder how someone who’s terrified of heights would have been able to parachute in like that?

  • Donna Morgan

    John Mayer, Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen talented but screwed to the max. Some of them literally!

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